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General Jewellery Care and Protection Tips

  • Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold. Ideally, store your silver jewellery in a sealed plastic bag in a soft lined box or pouch. Try to keep pieces apart, so that they don't rub together or tangle up.
  • Wear jewellery for appropriate tasks, avoid wearing rings or loose bracelets when cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities. Remove all jewellery before going to bed to avoid damaging it.
  • Don't let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume and hairspray.
  • Try to avoid bathing or showering while wearing your jewellery, especially wood or painted beads as these can swell and the decoration can be worn away.
  • Don't store sterling silver jewellery on wood surfaces as wood usually contains acids that can mar the finish. Also avoid storing silver with other metals like coins or with rubber.
  • Silver jewellery tarnishes when exposed to air. This occurs more quickly in damp and foggy weather and even sunshine, but is inevitable in any climate. Tarnish first appears as a golden hue on your sterling silver then turns to black. Clean your silver jewellery regularly, use a proprietory silver cleaning product such as wadding or a special silver cleaning cloth (always read the manufacturers instructions). Clean the silver carefully and avoid polishing the other beads on your jewellery, such as crystals with an AB finish, as the cloth can remove that finish.
  • Don't wear rubber gloves when washing or polishing silver because rubber promotes tarnish.
  • When washing your hands (away from home) - don't place your rings on the wash basin - remove them and place them onto your necklace or place in a pouch in your handbag/purse.
  • Never go swimming in your jewellery, chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage.

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