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Semi-Precious Gemstone, Wood, Bone, Shell, Crystal & Glass

Here you will find both contemporary and traditional necklaces. All are unique necklace designs, and have been personally handcrafted by the designer, and include glass necklaces, crystal necklaces and semi-precious gemstone necklaces, some with the addition of natural materials such as bone, wood, shells and silver.

Fire polished glass beads are used in many of my designs. These beads are high quality moulded or cut glass that have been heated at an extremely high temperature to give very clean, glossy surfaces that reflect the light and give a fantastic sparkle.

Where semi-precious gemstones are used, remember that these are a natural material, and no two gemstone necklaces will have exactly the same bead markings.

A gift box will be included with all necklaces.

Please click on each picture for an enlarged view. Note: The close-up views may be shown larger than life so that you can clearly see the details.


The necklace fastenings are either Sterling silver or Bali silver.
Ruby Quartz & rose quartz necklace
One-off design!

Beautiful ruby quartz necklace with a rose quartz carved flower centre piece and a sterling silver toggle clasp. The ruby quartz graduates in colour, revealing deep reds through to pale pink. The rose quartz carved flower centre piece complements the ruby quartz perfectly. This necklace would look great harmonised with a pink outfit, or contrasted with a shade of green.
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle style
Length: 46cm/18in

Code: N/EX2
Price: £33.00 GBP
Hematite Heart Necklace
A unique necklace for anyone who loves hearts, or a precious gift for a loved one. It is made from hematite (also known as haematite, which is an iron based semi precious stone), blue bohemian crystal, and clear glass beads lined with silver.
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle style
Length: 17.5in

Code: N/GB2
Price: £24.00 GBP
Abalone shell necklace with Swarovski crystal
A truly stunning tapered design necklace, made from Abalone shell. Also known as Paua shell, this type of shell is particularly prized for its beautiful irridescence. Sparkling Swrovski crystal beads compliment the shell perfectly.
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle style

Code: N/SB8
Price: £35.00 GBP
Peach aventurine with rose quartz heart necklace
Made from peach aventurine with fire-polished glass, and featuring a rose quartz heart. The beads are on 3 strands of stainless steel 'tiger tail' wire.
Clasp: Sterling silver toggle style
Length: 46cm/18in
Code: N/GB29
Price: £28.00 GBP
Hematite and dichroic glass necklace
Necklace made from 4mm hematite beads, with the addition of a lovely dichroic glass centrepiece capturing the rainbow colours.
Clasp: Sterling Silver lobster style
Length: 43cm/17in

Code: N/GB32
Price: £25.00 GBP
Mookite choker
Made from colourful 6mm mookite gemstones. Mookite was first discovered at Wooka, W. Australia. The properties of mookite include help with self-esteem, fear and depression.
Clasp: Sterling Silver lobster style
Length: 46cm/18in

Code: N/GB30
Price: £22.00 GBP

Fossil crinoids are fossils of sea creatures, related to starfish, consisting of a long spine with ringed segments and a flower plant-like top. Fossilised segments of these creatures made into beads are also known as St. Cuthbert's beads or Indian beads.
Crinoids are of the 1st Chakra – the root of our stability and our base of survival. They are said to help to overcome fear and insecurities, protect from poison and bring longevity.
Clasp: Sterling Silver lobster style
Length: 46cm/18in

Code: N/GB31
18 in. Price: £22.00 GBP
Boulder opal & prehnite necklace
Boulder opal & prehnite necklace
One-off design!
To create this necklace I have used genuine boulder opal gemstones, banded with muted silvers and smokey greys, mixed in with soft green prehnite stones, symbolising peace and serenity. Sparkling Swarovski crystals are interspaced among the gemstones. The perfect necklace to wear for a special occasion such a wedding or an evening out.
Clasp: Sterling Silver toggle style
Length: 43cm/16.5in

Code: N/EX5
Price: £47.00 GBP
Lapis Lazuli necklace
One-off design!
Sheer luxury! A sumptuous double strand twisted necklace made from Lapis Lazuli gemstones teamed with golden coloured faceted Hematite beads. Fastens with a gold plated toggle clasp. Lapis Lazuli is a Taurus birthstone.
Length: 22.5 inches
Clasp: Gold-plated on copper

Code: N/GB33
Price: £30.00 GBP
Gemstone points necklace
One-off design!

A striking necklace made from natural coloured gemstone points on a pink cord.
Clasp: Silver-plated

Code: N/GB35
Price: £12.00 GBP
Bamboo coral and Czech glass necklace with heart
A vibrant necklace, made from round bamboo coral beads with black faceted Czech glass beads. The necklace features a polished red and black glass heart pendant.
Clasp: Tibetan Silver, toggle style, in the shape of a Cupid heart and arrow.
Length: 17.5in

Code: N/GB24
Price: £17.50 GBP
Rose Quartz & Howlite Necklace
Rose quartz chunky nuggets and Howlite round gemstones with silver filigree caps on stainless steel wire
Clasp: Silver-plated lobster style
Length: 45cm/17.5in

Code: N/GB5
Price: £17.00 GBP
Bright wood beads necklace
One-off design!

A lovely bright long necklace to inspire you and lift your spirits! Made from wood discs of grey, pink and green, mixed with brown wood ovals for contrast.
Clasp: Silver-plated, toggle style
Length: 65cm/25.5in

Code: N/SB10
Price: £18.00 GBP
Leopardskin Jasper, & wood with Macabebe shell
One-off design!

Made from leopardskin jasper round beads and wood beads, with a macabebe shell centre drop.
Clasp: Silver-plated, lobster style
Length: 44.5cm/17.5in
Shell disc: 3cm/1.25in)

Code: N/EX21
Price: £15.00 GBP
Salwag nuts, wood & bone
One-off design!
Hanging from this unusual necklace you will find Tommy, a cute turtle made from hand decorated bone. The necklace is made from salwag nuts, bone and wood beads. Salwag is a variety of palm, from the Phillipines. The two larger beads are made from bone which has been colour-washed with a lilac-coloured dye.
Clasp: Silver-plated, lobster style.
Length: Adjustable 38cm/15in to 42cm/16.5in
Turtle: 4cm/1.5in.
Code: C/5
Price: £10.00 GBP


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