Handmade jewellery as individual as you


Jewellery Hype is an exciting online store based in Great Britain, with a wide range of exclusive, unique designs reflecting the personality and enthusiasm of the designer.

There is a wide selection of semi-precious gemstones, silver, crystal and glass beads, which are combined to create bracelets, necklaces, pendants, chokers, earrings and accessories, at very affordable prices.

Many items are made from real gemstones, and you will find a description of the type of stones that are used and their healing properties. Due to gemstones being a natural resource, no two pieces of jewellery are exactly alike, even though the same type of gemstone may be used in each of them.



I have been designing and creating quality jewellery since 2004 and it is my passion. Designing and making beautiful pieces of jewellery is something I've always enjoyed and I love coming up with new ideas for projects and learning new techniques.

I would like all my customers to buy with the confidence and knowledge that their jewellery has been handcrafted with great care and attention, using high quality materials. Nothing you buy from Jewellery Hype will have been bought in from anywhere else to sell on. I carefully source only the best quality beads, gemstones and materials, to ensure everything I make is top-quality. Low running costs mean that I can sell high quality jewellery at a much lower price many high street retailers charge. Customers often tell me that they are delighted with the quality of the beaded jewellery and the excellent value for money.

I'm very happy to discuss requirements and make bespoke orders for customers, just ask me about anything you have in mind.

I do hope you will enjoy your visit here and that you will want to return often to see the latest jewellery additions. Remember, all power bead bracelets and gemstone chip bracelets are made from 100% genuine semi-precious gemstones.....and everything is handmade with a high degree of care and attention to quality!

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